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"Jugar Con los hermanitos Bet es una Satisfacción"

- XD


"This is a post card for America in The South" -My handsome boyfriend on the far left ☺️✨🇺🇸


18-Year-Old Photographer’s Spectacular Conceptual Self-Portraits,.Laura Williams

18-year-old Laura Williams joins the ranks of fellow young, extremely talented photographers such as Alex Stoddard and Kyle Thompson in creating spectacularly surreal and expressive self-portraits. The Cambridge, England native’s photograph entitled Invisible recently went viral, with over 800,000 views on Flickr alone. The photo depicts Williams sitting on the grass with a piercing look in her eyes, holding a mirror that conceals her body while reflecting the empty area surrounding her.

Many of Williams’ photos involve concepts of concealment and hiding, as parts of the body and face are obscured by smoke, mirrors, and masks. “I like the idea of creating an image that’s perhaps a little less obvious, like an illusion,” she explains, “one that really intrigues the viewer and tries to trick the eye.” Her highly conceptual works embody this idea, inviting the viewer to closely examine every detail in the shot in an effort to learn the story behind each evocative image.

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Girls For Gays | via Tumblr en We Heart It.



One Direction -  24.04.2014 - Soundcheck in Bogota (x)

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"Me pregunto si alguna vez estuve en tu mente"

- By; Christian Larrue

"No sabes cuantos “no te vallas” me he tenido que tragar"

- By: Christian Larrue

"Y de repente, solo de repente, apareces en mi vida."

- By: Christian Larrue

"¿Sabes QUÉ ES LO PEOR? Que si vuelves, te vuelvo a Aceptar."

- By; Christian

"Aquella noche fue en la que despertaste el amor en mi"

- By : Christian

"Solo una lagrima, puede romper tu corazon"

- By Chrsitain